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Are you ready to market your magic and host a workshop, retreat, or other event?

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But are a little nervous about making it all happen on your own?

What if I told you that you could have the event of your dreams without feeling nervous? 

What if I told you that planning an event didn't have to feel like it's own event?

What if you had someone to take your hand and guide you through that process? To think of the little things so you could focus on what you do best - connecting, creating, teaching?

If you’d think “hell yes!” well then girl. Let me be your event planner. Let me be that hand you hold. Let me be that support you need. 

In addition to hosting my own online workshops and in person events, I've been planning events in the nonprofit sector off and on for the past 7 years. I've done everything from large scale special events to community events to small, personal workshops. You bring the idea, I'll bring everything else to make it happen.



Choose Your Package!

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The Meeting

Looking to host an online event and just need a little guidance on how to make it happen? Sign up for a 1 hour event consultation with me!

The Workshop

Looking to host an event and want some guidance as you plan and coordinate everything? Sign up for a 3 hour event consultation with me!

The Retreat
from 333.00

Want to host a larger event but don’t want to handle all of the nitty gritty details? Let me be your official event planner?


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