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Hey girl,

Gimme an amen if this sounds like you:

You’re getting a little tired of Investing in strategy over and over and over again. You love to learn, but damn, do you really need one more Pinterest strategy workshop? There’s gotta be something better to invest in…right?

You’ve fallen victim to horrible diseases like imposter syndrome, comparitits, and overwhelm-mania. And ugh, the recovery time can be LONG.

Follower count? Psh. Where’s the relationship count? The *community* metric?!

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You need a place where personal development is valued right alongside business strategy. Where when you fall ill with that dreaded business sickness, you have a crew ready to bring you tea, soup, and a good pep talk.

You need a place where “I gotchu girl” isn’t just a cute phrase you comment on a random Instagram post; it’s a phrase of understanding, a virtual hug, and a good cry sesh all rolled into one.

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The Got You Girl Collective is an online community and event series for the female entrepreneur that is ready to find herself/her squad and love them hard.

It's the place where we deep dive into all aspects of being a business owner; from the tangible skills (like marketing, branding, launching, pitching) to the less tangible (but just as damn important!) skills (self love, growth mindset, personal development).

It's the place that understands that you're not just a product, you're a person. Through multiple monthly events, you'll find the support you need to foster growth both in yourself and your business.

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Hey girl! My name is Asha, and I’m passionate about helping heart-centered women grow their business through events.

Why events? Well because I think there’s magic there. The kind of magic that fosters community and connection like no other. And I’m ready to use my love of events to bring even more female entrepreneurs together.

It’s gonna be a party and the invites are out. Looking for yours? I Got You.

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Join today to get access to The Founding Fam price of $25 a month

(the lowest price, ever!)

The Perks

Got You Girls get access to 2-3 monthly events that will support you, your business, and growing friendships with other boss babes. Key words in this community: connection, growth, and a damn good time.

For my Type A peeps who need all the deets, I Got You.


Masterclasses with guest experts:

Grab your pen and get those questions ready for experts in fields from branding and marketing to social media and self care. It’s professional development but with a heart-centered approach.


Hotseat calls:

The confidence chats and pep talks you need to keep those spirits high, and those aspirations higher!


Coffee Chats, Coworking, & Confidence Boosts:

Community building is my thang, so expect activities and additions that will support the community month over month.


Connection events:

Happy hours, pitch practices, self care nights, and more! All the connection, none of the awkwardness.


Members Only Facebook Community:

A private, safe space for us to ask all those ”embarrassing” biz questions, celebrate that one client you’ve finally (finally!) landed, and cry when those launch plans just don’t go as planned.


And more!:

I won’t leave you hanging as your business (and you!) grows and changes!

For my Type B peeps who just need the cheatsheet, I Got You.

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The first 10 members get an extra special welcome gift…and a discount!

Want in?


for my inquisitive boss babes ;)

how much does it cost?

Pay monthly for just $25 a month.

what type of guest experts are we talking about?

People like Ashley Beaudin (Confidence Queen and Founder of The Imperfect Boss) and Tyler McCall (Instagram Guru)...and that’s just in the first few months of 2019!

what are connection events?

You know how you’d invite your group of gal pals over for a drink, some laughs, and at least one good vent session? Take that, and put it in the digital space.

Need some examples? How about self care nights, book clubs, pitch practices, networking events, moon rituals, meditations, sound baths...ya know. All that good good!

do i have to be a certain type of entrepreneur?

This group is for heart-centered, soul driven, compassionate entrepreneurs.

You could sell courses or copywriting services. You could manage social media or mold mindsets. You could coach, create content, or capture memories through photography. Whatever you do, however you do it - we got you, girl.

but why do i need this?

Because it’s time that you invest in yourself, holistically. Not just course to course, workshop to workshop.

Because it’s time to care more about connection than follower counts.

Because success is inevitable for you, girlfriend. It’ll just be so much sweeter with this community by your side.

Doors close Thursday, January 24th, so get your booty into this community!