How to Add Vulnerability to Your Marketing Strategy

Authenticity on social media has become a hot topic. Because let’s be honest, we’re all sotired of just seeing people’s highlight reels. But with authenticity comes the need to be vulnerable - to have the courage to show up and say “hey, look, this is the real me.” And this vulnerability - I believe it’s the key to running a successful business.So let’s talk about how to add vulnerability into your marketing strategy and grow your following!


How to Add Vulnerability into Your Business and Grow Your Following


1. Get real about the real you. 

A lot of people are scared of being vulnerable online, and a lot of this stems from not knowing what to post. That fear doesn’t come from a lack of creativity, it comes from an abundance of comparison.

When we look at what other people are doing or posting, we automatically think we need to do the same thing. If they’re posting about their extravagant vacations or brand deals or crazy intricate dinners, then we should be too.

But what if our lives don’t look the same? What if there aren’t any vacations, deals, or dinners to show off?

Then we feel like we have nothing valuable to share, and nothing to be vulnerable about.


The key to being vulnerable isn’t about sharing your version of someone else’s story. It’s about sharing your unique experience.

So instead of trying to do what everyone else is doing, focus in on your own life. Make a detailed list of everything you do in a day (yes, even the “boring” things like brushing your teeth or getting a drink of water).

Even if it seems simple, there’s opportunities there to share.


2. Reality is more important than extravagance.

Vulnerability doesn’t have to include sharing our deepest, darkest desires. 

It can be as simple as sharing an opinion, thought, or moment in your life.

Remember that list you made? Take one or two items from that list, and share them.

The key is to make them applicable to your audience and their life!

So let’s take the brushing your teeth example. Maybe you’re a lifestyle blogger, so a vulnerable post might be posting a picture of you mid brushing your teeth - I’m talking toothpaste foaming, toothbrush in hand, action shot - and you recommending the all natural toothpaste that you recently discovered.

It’s vulnerable because it’s sharing an intimate moment in your day that your audience wouldn't see (you brushing your teeth) and it shares an opinion.

Seeing the real you is what your audience really wants, regardless of your authentic truth is extravagant or down to earth.

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3. Make it digestible. 

For the times where you do want to share something a little more raw, real, and “traditionally” vulnerable, make sure it’s digestible.

What do I mean by that?

Well make sure that it’s the right time, right platform, and the right amount of information.

Remember, it’s about making an impact by sharing a part of your soul, not causing a typhoon by spilling your guts. 

A pro tip is to talk about something you struggle within the context of providing free, actionable advice.

So maybe you want to talk about your mental health struggles. Why not make a post about how you tackle anxiety!

Or maybe you want to talk about how you’ve been struggling with the constant push to hustle as an entrepreneur. That’s a great time to make some Instagram stories about why it’s ok to be unproductive!

Or you could be a body positive blogger, and champion being confident in and loving your body. Your audience looks up to you and aspires to have your confidence, so why not hop on Facebook live and share with them how you decided to love your body!


4. Take baby steps. 

Putting yourself out there can be hard, I’m not going to sugar coat that.

But instead of thrusting yourself out there in all your glory, start small.

We live in a time where social media doesn’t have to last forever. Post on “temporary” social media first like Snapchat or Instagram stories.

The posts will only last for 24 hours, so it’s a great exercise in being vulnerable on social media.

And if you’re looking for tips on how to be confident on video for social media, then check out this post!


5. Remember you are worthy. 

A lot of people’s fears with being authentic and vulnerable in their business is that they don’t feel worthy of being noticed. 

We aren’t just nervous about other people seeing the real us; we’re nervous about seeing the real us too.

Here’s the thing: there is nothing wrong with you. 

You are enough, exactly as you are. 

And you are worth being seen.

Ready to tackle being vulnerable and adding it into your marketing strategy? If yes, give me a HELL YEAH in the comments below! If not, let me know what you're struggling with and we can chat it out!



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