Why Self Love is Important for Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs, bloggers, and creatives think that the key to success is overcoming the algorithm, improving your sales funnels, or reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram. And while that swipe up feature does sound nice, the real key to success in your business is actually self-love. Confused? Let’s break it down.


We have all seen the tips on the best marketing strategy or how to grow your following or the best tips to get better engagement on social media (I legit have posts on two out of three of these topics, but I promise they’re not what you expect!). 

But I’m going to let you in on a trade secret. In order to see real growth in your business, you need to have confidence, determination, and a belief system that you can, in fact, succeed. 

But what’s the number one thing that people tell me they struggle with?


Imposter syndrome.

A belief that their unique voice isn’t worth paying attention to.

And you know what these all stem from? A lack of self-love.

That’s why self-love needs to be a part of your story and your personal development routine!

You can’t feel confident in yourself or your social media if you don’t love and believe in yourself. You can’t be comfortable being vulnerable and sharing your story if you don’t innately believe it’s worth sharing.

And want to know a secret? Confidence, vulnerability, and sharing your story are the keys to finding success in today’s digital world.

So let’s talk about 5 ways to that self-love is necessary, and why investing in your self-love journey is one of the best ways to build a strong foundation for your business!


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Self Love Eradicates Self Doubt

When I had a Facebook group, I asked a couple questions upon entry, one of which is “what do you struggle with the most?”

And you know what the answer is?

Self-doubt. By a wide freaking margin.

And girl, I soooo get it.

It’s easy to believe in yourself when you know that success is guaranteed. Especially if you’ve already done the damn thing before.

But when it’s something new? And scary because it involves risk? And risky because it involves putting yourself out there? 

Well that can be terrifying. Especially if the *you* that you have to put out there isn’t someone that you love.

That’s why self-love is so important for entrepreneurs. Success as an entrepreneur means that you have to take risks, you have to take chances, and you have to be willing to make mistakes.

When you have a foundation of self-love, taking a leap doesn’t feel as scary, because you know that if you slip and fall you will land in a soft cushion of self- love.

And when you love yourself, you also have the benefit of believing in yourself. 

And girl, if no one’s told you, mindset is more than half the battle when it comes to being successful.

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Self Love Overcomes Comparison

Comparison can be a real bitch, girl.

But it doesn’t have to be!

When we love and are confident in ourselves, we can look at the success, stories, and yes, even struggles of others with supportive eyes.

Because we remember our own innate value, we can feel more alike than we feel less than.

Instead of looking at other people with envy, we can turn comparison into compassion.

We can get curious and ask how they achieved success so that we can attempt to do the same.

And we can get supportive and celebrate someone else because we realize that someone else’s success doesn’t mean that there is less room for our own.

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Self Love Creates Confidence

Think about someone who truly loves themselves. Someone that doesn’t pick apart their every flaw, or berate themself for small mistakes.

How do they act? How do they hold themselves?

What do they have in common?

Psst. It’s confidence.

At the base of every confident person is some self-love.

Now this doesn’t mean that they love every single part of themselves at all times. Because here’s a secret: I seriously doubt that there is anyone in this world that loves themselves all the time.

But they do know that loving themselves is possible. And they welcome moments of self-love into their lives.

Self-love is an invitation to our minds to remember the good. It’s a flashing neon sign that says “hey, look at this amazing thing about me! It’s great isn’t it?!” and it helps cut through the noise of the negativity.

When we have some good to hold on to – some belief that we are worthy and can achieve whatever we want to achieve – that’s when we start to see confidence come through.

So if you’ve been feeling nervous about upping your prices, or scared to show up on social media…well then girl you’ve got to work on that self-love piece!

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Self Love Negates Negativity

Remember how self-love acts as a flashing neon sign to remind us of the good? It does the same thing for positivity!

Self-love is a gentle reminder that positive things can happen. And like most humans, seeing is believing for us.

So when we see that positive outcomes are possible, we’re more likely to innately believe it.

Self-love allows us to have positive imagery to pull from. And when we have positive imagery, we can combat the negativity with more force and truth.

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Self Love Outshines Obstacles

Life will always throw lemons at you. 

(I like to think that life actually lives on a lemon farm and has so many lemons that she just doesn’t know what to do with them. So she just throws them at innocent passerby.)

Regardless of why the lemons are coming your way, you have some options.

Without self-love: you let the lemons hit you. You cry out, and wonder why you got such bad luck to be hit by a stray lemon. The thought consumes you, and you stay stuck, pondering your misfortune.

With self-love: the lemon hits you. You rub your arm, pick up the lemon and inspect it. “What can I learn from this lemon?” 

Or maybe it hits you, and you just shrug it off – you’ve got bigger fish to fry. 

Or better yet, you see the lemon and catch it before it hits you. Ha ha, not today lemon!

Without self-love…well everything goes to shit. One small problem with your email funnel will leave you in tears. One underperforming Instagram post will cause a quarter life crisis.

When you have self-love, you have options. Because you know that whatever obstacles come your way, you’ll be able to handle them. You believe in yourself, your skills, your talents, and your abilities. 

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So have I convinced you of the powers of self-love?

I sure hope so!

If you see the value of self-love as blogger, creative, or entrepreneur but you aren’t sure how to foster self-love in your own life, then definitely check out my ebook, The Self Love Starter Kit. You’ll go from confused on how to love yourself to confident, not only in yourself but in your story!


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