How to Be Confident on Video for Social Media

If you have a target audience, there’s a pretty good chance that they’re hanging out on Instagram. Unless your target audience are 90 year olds or those people that prep for the apocalypse and live totally off the grid.

Other than that, your audience is on IG.

And with all the changing algorithms and a shift in the market to value honest, real people and not just brands and companies, video is becoming incredibly important to include in your social media marketing plan.

But video can be scary as hell.

It’s vulnerable.

It involves showing the real you.

And sometimes it involves, *gulp*, speaking!

Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes before. I know the feeling of dread when it comes to posting that FB Live or an Instagram story.

But now, one of things people DM me about the most is about how confident I seem on video.

How’d I go from nervous AF to seemingly confident on video (because let’s be honest, I don’t always feel confident)? Follow these tips:


How to Feel Confident on Video for Social Media


1.Understand that it’s going to feel awkward 

And not just feel awkward at first. I’ve been doing almost daily speaking Instagram stories for months now, and sometimes I still stumble over my words or feel like I’m rambling or not making any sense. 

It’s incredibly vulnerable to say to your audience “hey, I know you might be here for xyz product or abc advice, but here I am, in all my glory, for you to judge as you wish”. 

That’s hard, but it’s also worth it.

Because when your audience can match a face to a name, you start to build brand recognition.

And when they can match a voice to your face, they start to read you content with yourvoice.

And when they’ve got your voice in their head, you’ve got them hooked.


 2. Start with videos that don’t have sound.

Sometimes the idea of speaking on stories can be really hard. So start small. Just add silent videos to your strategy.

Instead of taking a picture of your workspace for the day, do a short video of it instead.

Take a video of your daily walk (this is one of my favorites to do, really revealing my #basicbitch status ;) )

Video doesn’t have to be hard. It’s literally just finding a moment of motion, and documenting it.


3. Make one video in a series have sound

Once you’ve built up your confidence with silent videos, start by adding in just onevideo with you talking.

Make a speaking intro to a series of other videos (i.e. “I just quickly wanted to show you guys my favorite beauty products right now” followed by photos of the products with written captions).

It’s an easy way to get used to speaking on camera, and this works really well on Instagram stories!


4. Set up a private account and practice there

Want to preview your story or live video? 

Set up a new account and make it totally private (don’t forget to set it so that your stories can’t be viewed by everyone too)! 

Use it just to practice your stories and lives. Watch them back, and make notes of what you’d want to change, and what went well (patting yourself on the back is important, girl!)


5. Affirm, affirm, affirm (positive affirmations)

Ok, you know I had to throw in a little woo-woo!

But really, your mindset going into the video is 1,000% going to affect how confident your feel and lookon the video. 

We legit have the power to manifest our lives.

So stop making it this huge deal. Stop thinking it’s going to go horribly.

Believethat you’re going to be a confident badass. Affirmthat it will go well.

And just like that, your confidence will increase.


6. Script yourself

I’m going to let you in on a secret. 

I never go into an Instagram story, Instagram live, or a FB live without a plan.

Sometimes, I even fully script myself.

Yeah. I’m pulling the curtain back, just for you girl.

Now this isn’t to say that everyone is fully scripting myself. And a lot of times I don’t write it out word for word and repeat verbatim.

But having an idea of what you want to say will go miles to helping your confidence on video!

So jot down a couple of bullet points for what you want to talk about.

Make each bullet point one story in a series of IG stories, and practice a 15 second summary of that point.

String them together, and you’ve got a badass, easy to implement Instagram story!


7. Use polls 

Polls are one of my FAVORITE recent updates to social media. They give an easy way for people to engage with your accounts.

And they make it hella easy for you to learn what your audience likes, needs, or wants from you.

A lot of the fear of making videos is that you won’t give the people what they are asking for.

That no one will care, and will skip right over it.

Or worse, unfollow you!! 

(Please note my sarcasm here, friends. If someone unfollows you because they don’t like your content, then hell yeah! That’s one more person that you don’t have to waste your energy on trying to convince to buy your products or read your posts. You want people there that care about your content and you. You deserve that support, ok? Ok.)

But back to my point, polls!

Use those suckers to see what your audience wants.

What are their pain points? What are they struggling with?

What are they loving? What is making them happy/feel good?

Ask them some questions, note their answers.

And then talk about those things in your video.

INSTANT CONNECTION! You’re literally giving them what they asked for, so you can’t lose!


8. Lean into the fear

I talk a lot about vulnerability. I mean, it isone of my main pillars of Adventures with Asha.

Instead of running away from your fear of video, lean into that sucker like it’s a supportive comfortable AF couch.

The videos where I’m the most honest and vulnerable are the ones that get the most DMs and comments.

Because people are like “ooooh yes, this girl gets it. She’s just like me.”

Social media isn’t called “Perfection Media”. It’s all about starting a conversation. 

So start one by being honest about your fear. 


9. Ask a question, stop trying to be an expert 

Which brings us to our last point...ask some damn questions.

Sometimes the fear of making video comes from our fear of imposter syndrome.

“I’m not an expert, I can’t make videos.”

“Who is going to watch this and trust or care about what I’m saying?”

If this is you, then take the pressure off of yourself to know it all!

Seek out advice from your audience.

Ask them for their favorite book or podcast recommendations.

Ask them what they thought of the latest season of The Bachelor.

Ask them how they handle feeling nervous on video.

Remember, social media is meant to be social. So add in some socialization!

Ok friends, there you have it! My tips on how to build confidence on video for social media!

Let me know what you struggle with on social media. Is it being vulnerable? Knowing what to post? Let me know in the comments!

Until our next adventure within,



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