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Hey! I'm Asha, a community builder and event planner for heart-centered female entrepreneurs. I provide empowering events and supportive spaces for the female entrepreneur that is ready to live the mantra “community over competition” out freaking loud.

If you're a heart-centered, ambitious, community-craving spirit, well then welcome home, girlfriend!

I started my business when I realized that a little confidence and a lot of community was missing from most female entrepreneur's journey. So like a trusty superhero sidekick, I'm swooping in and providing the resources and spaces you need to be a part of and build a community of badass women!

Our homebase is a comfortable AF living room with plants galore and a pants optional policy.

Your favorite beverage is on tap, there's always a dog nearby to cuddle, and all of your worries, fears, successes, and questions...well girl, they are so welcome here.



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Things I Love

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Buying more notebooks than I need

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Doing things differently, and laughing through it all

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Succulents and cacti. All the cacti.


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