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Hey! I'm Asha, a community builder and event planner for heart-centered female entrepreneurs. I provide personal and professional development resources for women that are ready for more than just mic drop moments. The ones who are tired of playing by the "rules" and are ready to quietly and confidently create your own playbook.

If you're a heart-centered, ambitious, community-craving spirit, well then welcome!

I started my business when I realized that a little confidence and a lot of community was missing from most female entreprenur's journey. So like a trusty superhero sidekick, I'm swooping in and providing a library full of resources, interviews and workshops to help women grow the authentic business of their dreams.

Our homebase is a comfortable AF living room with plants galore and a pants optional policy.

Your favorite beverage is on tap, there's always a dog nearby to cuddle, and all of your worries, fears, successes, and questions...well girl, they are so welcome here.



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Things I Love

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Buying more notebooks than I need

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Doing things differently, and laughing through it all

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Succulents and cacti. All the cacti.


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